Massive new music dump incoming

Hi Paddock Radio team <3 It's been a really long time since there was an update here, there's been tiny little bumps and changes in the rotation but we've been struggling with server issues for a bit It's nothing to do with our hosts, and entirely due to it being built and maintained entirely by someone learning as they went 😛 (me) Anyway the server has been reset from crashes and I upgraded the storage module so we can start refreshing our database - it got too full of music and crashed, and then the error logs filled up the virtual drive and locked us out of ssh. All data was saved and backups are being completed successfully. This also means I have to catch up on my artist blog writing, which I've completely neglected since moving into the truck. I'm still in the process of getting the solar installed so I haven't set a permanent studio in place yet. Now that I'm finally catching up and the live server is running properly again, I can start to focus on the next big idea. We're going back on the road More info coming soon, check back here in a few days