Trust me, you’ve NEVER heard tight funky rolling bass solos like this before unless you’re IN this band.

I listened to the opening lick of Apocalyptofunk before I had seen THAT photo, and I had ALMOST convinced myself it had to be a Korg making that noise. No one could play anything with strings like that. It sounds like Stevie Wonder grew another arm. Even now I’m trying to count the strings and it’s breaking my brain.

Drums rise and crash like an onshore break with a slippery, glassy guitar running shivers of delicate tremolo and folding thickly into a rippling wobble on the incredibly beautiful “Eleventh Element”, and the sepia-soaked “Kraken” conjures images of Phone booths, overloaded, sandy Kingswoods, Orange speaker cabinets and summers a long long time ago.

The Wizard Ari Freeman: Guitar, Vocals, RecordingĀ 
Fud: 10 String BassĀ 
Oscar Green: Drums