C.LOU.D Dogs

I first met Chris while on the road in the South Island.
We smoked a joint in the back of the studio truck and we were both too stoned to get out. Later on we found out we both made music and he sent me some copies of C.LOU.D Dogs.

It was blurry. It was hard. It was washed out and wrung dry and beaten to within an edge of it’s tape limit. It sounded like last night, with all the lights and wonky streets thrown in. Since then the town has changed, but the sound has survived.

“Channels” is a searing, gritty, road rash of a track, with dry, cracking, hard limited vocals and cheesegrater overdrive guitar, and I’m CONVINCED “Suck A Headphone” was mixed that way on purpose to surprise any unsuspecting FOH engineers falling asleep at their equipment. It starts out with such a blast of sound that my monitors nearly walked off the shelf.

The drums in these tracks will leave a tyre mark on your forehead if you don’t get out of the way fast enough, and as usual, Chris is playing his guitar as loud as he possibly can, leaving it to the deft basslines to rope it all back under control.

C.LOU.D Dogs is a shot of whiskey to the eye. If you’re enjoying it, your party was out of control a long time ago, and the police are probably on their way.

Band MembersChris Mays – Guitar/Vocals
Dan Adams – Bass
Louisa Edwards Knight – Drums