Recorded as a three piece around 2011, but still performing as a solo act here and there, Nathan from Will Tobias sent us three of their tracks to play and I nearly knocked my beer over.

With lurching, swaggering guitar in “Lady” and “It’s Alright In The Night” and a what sounds like a bar fight behind the drums at one point during “Captain Haddock”, the self described ‘alt / blues’ reminded me exactly of my Grandpa Uncle’s shed in the summertime.

I mean, I could SMELL this recording. It smelled like the carpet would never be the same.

  • Nathan Green – songs, guitar, vocals
  • Stephen Luther – Bass guitar
  • Ray Butler – Drums

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC63oNVNEgDvq2Fgp8vBZ7Cg?view_as=subscriber